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A millionaire who willingly lives in poverty and donates at the end - that there is anyway on RTL Secret Millionaire, it's only on TV and is completely unrealistic?

First, there are enough rich people who donate regularly on a large scale, and enough to also know very well from personal experience, what they donate. And why should not the television secondly to make an example: How easy it is to do good and necessary as it is in many places, even in the middle of Germany still. No more and no less creates private broadcaster RTL with his real-life documentary Secret Millionaire. One reason for switching, but definitely a reason to imitate.

One or the other, there will be a millionaire in Germany: 950,000 (dollar) millionaires in number it even. Three of them doing with the Secret Millionaire TV format. That since in a continuation of the RTL series is still room for improvement, does not need to be emphasized. And yes not everyone needs publicity in the footsteps of the first three secret millionaires Axel Hesse, Hashim Fatemi and Holger Riemer occur - even a little noise looser grip onto the donation account at any time.

One need not be a Secret Millionaire to help

But RTL builds with the Secret Millionaire not only a demonstration and boost donations in Germany, and the reality of life truly needy and those who are committed to this need is illustrated.

Because: "I'm not a millionaire," the RTL viewer may think on the couch when they engage with the remote control in hand with beer and chips. But you can also donate a small scale - and much more, it is also important to be aware that the company still pressed against the shoe very many places where you would perhaps not at all suspected: In our own city, your own neighborhood and a lot closer than we thought.

There are children's homes, there are homeless shelters, panels, auxiliary equipment of any kind They acknowledges know that they are there: But what exactly are they doing, how the helpers arbeitne there and with what (financial) problems they struggle everyday have - that you do not usually, either as RTL Secret Millionaire still as average Joe citizen.

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