The advantages of Reactive IT and Network Consultancy for Small Companies 58

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For many smaller businesses, from one man companies to modest family-run firms, IT consultancy needs are often small. For freelance workers or self-employed individuals, on most occasions, their business IT infrastructure will encompass little more than:

• An internet line and connection • A computer • A smart phone and possibly another mobile device such as a tablet.

Understandably, it's rare that such a small operation will likely need assistance from an IT support company very often.

When there's not really a regular need for business IT support, it's not necessarily the best use of funds to outsource IT to another company on a monthly basis. Whilst for bigger firms, outsourcing IT support to industry professionals rather than employing an in-house IT department might help them to help save a good deal of money, for small companies, if they don't need frequent support month after month, outsourcing IT support may be money down the drain.

However, whilst having to pay a set sum every month to an IT support company may be wasted money, having no IT support or consultation at all is usually much more damaging. For many small enterprises, freelancers and self-employed individuals, the ideal solution to their IT needs is usually to consult an IT company that can offer IT and network consultancy on a no-fix, no-fee basis.

More often than not, a small business's IT and network needs are also small-scale. It's not to say that they don't need specialist help; these needs could cover anything from very simple jobs to putting together emails on a tablet or smart phone, right through to much larger projects such as advising on and setting up the latest software across a company's network. In this instance, rather than abandoning correcting errors, or attempting to execute large complicated tasks themselves, small companies can call in the experts for ad-hoc consultancy.

If you feel that you're paying too much for business IT support that you just don't really need, it would be worthwhile considering using the services of IT support on an ad-hoc consultancy schedule. Whereas monthly fees can be quite good value for companies with a large budget and a sizeable IT network to take care of, for everyone from a one-man-operation, up to Ten or more staff members, it makes much more sense to simply pay for when IT support work is really needed.

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