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Up to the final maturity the decision of the EuGH of 03/07/2012 was from central weight. It allows the resale of used software licenses, used download software and complete volume license agreements. On 17.07.13, the Federal Court of Justice affirmed the judgment of the EuGH in detail. The secondhand software in Europe is well-grounded on the first-sale doctrine in copyright and trademark law. This apoints that the distribution right of the copyright holder " exhausted ", when his work is brought " on the market " with his consent. After that the corresponding product is free for disposal. This first-sale doctrine obtains for software in Germany and in the European Union EU. This right may not be effectively restricted in terms and conditions according to � 307 para 2 Conditions No.2 BGB . Used Software Store is your distributor for Software like Office 2010.

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