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JK Rowling will forever be known as probably the most genius humans to ever live. The fact that she can pen such a detailed and perfect magical planet without Harry Potter and the beloved characters we have grown to love, it makes you feel like this world is real actually! This movie is very amusing and and heartwarming. It's no longer a dark saga of an evil dark wizard attempting to kill a younger boy, it really is an insight right into a magical world that's so amazing and grand!

   Despite taking place method before our known HP time, there are enough witty and fast references to your known HP world through the entire movie to make Potterheads smile. I went in with significantly less than no expectations, and I had been pleasantly surprised. And LOVED IT. And the best part of it all- I've constantly fairly disliked the HP movies, because I'm a die-hard fan of the books. The films never lived around the books. For Fantastic Beasts, there are no books to compare it to, so there's no area to dislike! Can't wait for the next movies!

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